Cubot V2

Your Own Smart Health Monitor

  • Heart rate

  • Steps

  • Time

  • Calorie

  • Smart alarm

  • GPS real-time

  • Call reminder
    (display number)

  • SMS notification

  • Sleep monitor

  • Find phone

  • Anti-theft

  • Remote-control

Time to step up

OLED display - Touch button - All-new design - Improved pedometer algorithm

Time, steps, heart rate, within touch

The Cubot V2 smart band is equipped with an OLED display. You can slide or lightly tap the screen to switch to current time, steps, heart rate, distance, calories or other data.

  • Lightly tap the screen

  • Slide the screen

Supports two point touch and sliding to switch the screen and to view option.

Precise step algorithm

CUBOT V2 upgrades the motion steps algorithm on the basis of new firmware platform, the effective filtering of high frequency activities in the absence of motion, and greatly improve the accuracy of the project.

Heart rate monitor for effective exercise

Unlike other bands, the V2 has real-time and 24 hour monitoring. You can view a whole-day graph of your heart rate data from our app. You can also set warning levels from the app and the V2 will vibrate to warn you when your heart rate is too high.

  • 24 hours Dynamic Heart
    Rate Monitor
  • Heart rate

Sitting still for too long?
The band will remind you to get up and move.

Fitness goal settings and
fitness information sharing


Soft and light weight, the V2 can also monitor your sleep duration and quality, and record your sleep cycles. The app helps to view your sleep trends and helps to improve the quality of your sleep.

Soft and Flexible

The Cubot V2 is soft and comfortable against your skin.

Incoming calls, App notifications

When there are incoming calls, messages or other notifications, the V2 will vibrate to remind you.


Nordic nRF51822 low power
consumption Bluetooth chip

The Cubot V2 Smart Band uses a Nordic nRF51822 low power consumption Bluetooth chip and 80mAh polymer battery. Standby time is up to 30 days, and usage time is 5-7 days. It is compatible with iOS and Android. Synchronized data is saved for 30 days

  • Bluetooth: 10m

  • Low power
    Bluetooth chip

  • 80mAh polymer

  • iOS 8.0 and above

  • Android 4.3
    and above

  • 30Days

    Standby time

  • 30Days

    Data Retention

Practical and Versatile

Real-time GPS

Paired with your mobile phone, the V2 can track your movement in real-time with GPS (Non-built-in GPS), click "running" to record running time, the distance, pace and consumed calories.

Bright and COlourful

Black, blue and grey wristbands available.