BEYOUnique Campaign

The smartphone market is dominated by a handful of brands, with individuals naturally choosing the product that they hear about most. Purchasing a smartphone has become both a status symbol and instinctual purchase

The purpose of this BEYOUnique campaign is to encourage individuals to be different, try something new, and purchase a phone that suits the individual’s unique requirements and budget.

The campaign will focus on the CUBOT J3, which boasts several unique features that can only be found in higher range smartphones that with a higher price tags. These features include dual sim, facial recognition and other unique features.

This J3 is suitable for all individuals but is targeted predominantly at the youth (students, young adults, parents who would like to buy their children a smartphone). 
The campaign aims to encourage the South African youth to be themselves, be brave and make decisions that are right for them rather than to follow the influence of their friends and the pressures of the digital age 

BEYOUnique Roadshow
Part of the BEYOUnique campaign is to provide awareness of the CUBOT brand to South Africans. Kicking off in May CUBOT will be setting up in-store activation stands at their various stockists throughout Gauteng. These interactive stands will allow consumers to experience the J3 and stand a chance to win instant prizes. People will also be encouraged to take a selfie and stand a chance to win a J3 by using the hashtag #BEYOUniqueselfe and tagging Cubot (@cubotsouthafrica) on social media. A winner will be announced every month on social media and the 5 winners will be entered into a draw to win the grand prize on World Smile Day (5th October). The grand prize will consist of the new J5 and a family photoshoot to showcase the unique features of the winner. 

The CUBOT J3 SMARTPHONE: Value & Versatility
Our current entry-level device that packs a powerful punch. The Cubot J3 boasts multiple functions and is 15% faster than regular Android devices, which is attributed to its low power consumption and high efficiency. With a standby period of 7 days, 15 hours for listening to the music, 10 hours for browsing the internet, 13 hours for reading e-books.The 5.0-inch 18:9 screen may be the most comfortable size for one-hand operation. The CUBOT J3 is the only smartphone in South Africa  under R1100 that has Advanced Security Face ID. Your unique facial features unlock the phone, giving you an easier and safer alternative to securing your phone.The CUBOT J3 is R1099 and can be purchased online or in store at over 40 locations.

Smile Foundation Partnership
The Smile Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of children with facial conditions in South Africa. The Smile Foundation is a non–profit organisation that brings people together for the purpose of providing expert surgical intervention, creating greater social involvement and enabling sensible corporate-social- investment – to make a difference in the lives of children with facial anomalies is our mission in life.

A smile, something unique to each of us.

Throughout the BEYOUnique campaign CUBOT will be raising awareness for the Smile Foundation through their social media platforms. World Smile Day is on the 5th of October and CUBOT will use this day to celebrate a new smile they have helped create. CUBOT will also be making a financial contribution to the Smile Foundation in order to sponsor a new smile.

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