We were recently approached by SANCCOB (Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds) to contribute to their organisation. Rugged phones for their penguin rangers and rehabilitation team were needed.

“We run rehabilitation centers in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Here the rehabilitation teams are in need of phones that can withstand the elements, dunks in the penguin pool, crashes to the ground and being occasionally covered in penguin poo, phones to be used as on-call phones to offer a 24 hour seabird rescue service. We also employ penguin rangers who work in the penguin colonies on Bird Island, Stony Point, Boulders Beach and Robin Island, they need reliable phones to keep in contact with base, to tell us of seabirds in need of rescue. Phones that can withstand long days in the field, sea water, boats, drops onto rocks and still send good quality photos and videos back to base.”

The SANCCOB role in the conservation of Southern African seabirds is a critical one, especially since there are
endangered species such as the African penguin with less than 20,700 breeding pairs left in the wild. Our donation of three King Kong phones and two Cubot Quest phones on 07 February 2020 enables them to give each one a fighting chance to be released back to the wild and thrive. We know these CUBOT rugged phones will be up to the task at hand as they are designed specifically for the harsh outdoor environment.

“Thank you very much for your donation, we really appreciate your support!
We look forward to having you partner with us going forward.”

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