Cubot King Kong 3

The new benchmark of the rugged phone industry is finally in South Africa!

If your lifestyle involves being active or outdoors you’re probably someone that needs a smartphone that can weather most conditions. The Cubot King Kong 3 may not be the first smartphone in the rugged niche but it’s certainly the king of the jungle when it comes to pricing/specs on offer.

It is the successor of our popular device, the King Kong but this latest release has so much more to offer!

Whether you’re an Industrial Worker or an Outdoor Sports Enthusiast, the King Kong 3 is the rugged companion you’ve been looking for!

The shell of CUBOT KingKong 3 is made of high-strength polyster, protecting the phone from accidental drops of up to 1.5m. It is also waterproof with the highest level of IP68 waterproof certification,it can be kept underwater for 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

Whether you are in the cold Arctic, or the hot equator, the King Kong 3 can withstand the harsh environment and works normally in a temperature range of -30 °C to 60 °C.

The industrial design of the King Kong 3 achieves a 99% dust rating. The King Kong 3 is fully armed, and all 6 sides and 4 corners are covered which allows it to pass the 300 times 1.5-meter drop tests. It also features a 5.5 inch 18:9 GFF screen that is clearly visible in the sun. In addition, the Corning Gorilla Glass provides a guarantee for the screen strength of King Kong 3.

The King Kong 3 has a customized button on the left side of the body, you can customize its function in the settings, such as: one-button wake-up camera which could also act as a camera shutter.

In summary, it’s tough enough to conquer the world!

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